At Gavert Atelier Salon we specialized in Dry Hair cutting, Color, Hair Extensions, Japanese Hair Straightening, Customized Conditioning Treatments including the Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Smoothing Treatment.



We value your time

We are committed to managing your reservation so you are not kept waiting.

Customized Haircuts

Cutting based on hair type and the head’shape leads to a style that matches the customer.
We propose a style that can be easily maintained for each customer.

Thorough Shampooing

Shampoo is the most basic repertoire for hairdressers.  In order to experience the best shampoo, we try to make customer feel comfortable, and relaxed.

Free Consultations

If you are interested in trying out a new style but are unsure or have questions, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our stylists.  We will work with you to create the hair style for you.

Up-to-date Techniques

The stylists at Gavert Atelier Salon are very enthusiastic about learning new techniques.  They stay on top of industry trends by proactively participating in classes.  Stylists also refine their skills by working with various hair models regularly.

Cordial Hospitality

At Gavert Atelier, we strive to make our clients happy, relaxed and comfortable.  Our staff is friendly and courteous.  They will take care of all your beauty needs.  Our mission is to bring out your natural beauty while maintaining the health/integrity of your hair.