Tower Cancer Research Foundation A Beauty Day Event @ Gavert Atelier 



Gavert Atelier hosted a Beauty Day Event for the Tower Cancer Research Foundation on Monday, September 26. 

We are grateful to have received so many grateful smiles from cancer fighters.









Smile Project


Teresita was a math teacher for over 20 years to numerous youths in the Philippines, in Nigeria, and in the San Fernando Valley. It was evident from the way she spoke about her profession and her students that she was devoted to her profession, the communities she served, and genuinely cared for her students. She managed to maintain her teaching career while caring for her husband who suffered from a barrage of never-ending health issues.


After a large commuter bus tragically hit their car, her husband suffered from a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma. Her husband gained consciousness and was able to make a steady recovery, but a few years later, he was diagnosed with multiple forms of cancer. Through all the treatments, she continued to care for him while working and did everything she could to handle all the medical bills. Then, when her husband suffered from repeated falls and episodes of disorientation, she chose to end her career a few years shy of retirement in order to provide her husband with the 24/7 care that he needed. Thanks to all her tireless efforts, his health is currently in stable condition.


Our very own Gavert stylist and colorist wanted to put a smile on Teresita’s face. They worked their magic on Teresita’s hair and gifted her with a luxurious salon experience and a beautiful color, cut, and style.



By giving her a thick top layer and cutting short graduated layers from the top layer to the ends, I gave her hair more structure and a more beautiful shape. Taking into account her hair type, face shape, and daily lifestyle, I chose a cut that could she could easily and regularly maintain. 



Teresita came in with gray roots and black ends. I gave her an all-over color of light chocolate brown and added a few caramel highlights to blend her gray roots since she doesn't do her roots that often.